Birthing, Parenting and Finding Me Anew

I vividly remember asking the neonatologist, "Why is she ... not ... crying," in a low and strained voice, still aware of the idea that babies cry as their lungs expand to take in their first breathe. Then I saw him lightly flick her with what looked like a smile. She let out a small cry, he muttered something in the likes of "she'll be taller than you," the rest was blackness.

Day of the Girl Child: Letter to My Daughter

Dear daughter, When you were born, I recall trying to ensure that your toys did not prescribe to any gender. I recall always being asked, while shopping for items, ‘is it for a boy or a girl’, and I would sometimes say, it’s just for my baby. Yet, I could not resist those groovy cute … Continue reading Day of the Girl Child: Letter to My Daughter

The Scanty Diary of a Turning Thirty Year Old

I do not recall who said this, but it is true- that age comes with wisdom and experience (and eventually senior citizen discounts). The wisdom you might not always use, the experience may not always make you act differently in a similar situation, and the senior person discounts- I will think about that later! My … Continue reading The Scanty Diary of a Turning Thirty Year Old

How I Undervalued Ego – Until Now

I had at some point succumbed to the new age distorted notion of Ego. That it was this thing in need of remodelling because it interfered in everything we did and how we related to the world and people, until I realised that the problem was the exact opposite- most of us just did not … Continue reading How I Undervalued Ego – Until Now

Does Nairobi Have Street Culture?

Street Culture does not seem to have a very clear definition when each attaches it to their experience, of what they would perceive to be a city or town of Street Culture. In general, this would mean that there is expression of culture by youth through their creativity. We could also simplify it and say … Continue reading Does Nairobi Have Street Culture?

My World in Sentences

A sentence, it is said, is a string of words (that satisfy the grammatical rules of a language). A string of words ...  the many things, and forms and shapes, I could make with a string. Most importantly, it ended where you wanted it to end; at the point where the creation was complete - … Continue reading My World in Sentences